Wedding Cakes

All Daughters Baking wedding cakes have a decadent and unique look to them. Daughters Baking cakes are known for their unfrosted edges, rich fillings, and often colorful appearances. All cakes are made in the "naked cake" style.


Below, you will find the available cake flavors for your special day! Even though they are categorized seasonally, all flavors are offered year round for weddings.

Standard Flavors ::

Classic Chocolate :: chocolate cake, chocolate custard, chocolate buttercream, chocolate crumb
Wedding Cake :: vanilla cake, vanilla custard, vanilla buttercream, white chocolate milk crumb
Lavender Honey :: lavender cake, cheesecake, honey buttercream, white chocolate milk crumb
Blueberry Lemon :: blueberry cake, lemon buttercream, cheesecake, white chocolate milk crumb
Raspberry Mascarpone :: vanilla cake, raspberry preserves, mascarpone buttercream, coffee buttercream, white chocolate milk crumb

Fall/Winter Seasonal Flavors ::

Caramel :: caramel cake, caramel sauce, caramel buttercream, white chocolate milk crumb
Holiday Spiced Chocolate :: spiced chocolate cake, spiced chocolate buttercream, spiced chocolate custard, spiced chocolate crumb
Pumpkin Brown Butter :: pumpkin cake, pecan pie filling, brown butter buttercream, pie crumb
Blackberry Champagne :: champagne cake, champagne buttercream, blackberry preserves, white chocolate milk crumb, gold sprinkles
Chocolate Earl Grey :: chocolate earl grey cake, chocolate earl grey custard, earl grey buttercream, chocolate earl grey crumb
Chocolate Peanut Butter Reese’s Cup :: chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, chocolate buttercream, chopped reese’s cups

Spring/Summer Seasonal Flavors ::

Lemon Cream Pie :: lemon cake, vanilla custard, lemon buttercream, graham crack crumb
Banana :: banana cake, honey buttercream, graham cracker crumb, banana custard
Peach Honey :: vanilla cake, peach preserves, honey buttercream, oat crumble
Carrot Cake :: carrot cake, maple buttercream, cheesecake, graham cracker crumb, white chocolate milk crumb
Cookies and Cream :: cookies and cream cake, cookies and cream buttercream, vanilla custard, oreo chocolate crumb

Tasting Packages

Tasting packages are available if there are several flavors you are interested in. Our tasting experience is unique as we allow you to select your choice of mini cakes and take home to share with friends and family. Each tasting cake is served as a 3 inch mini cake, so plenty to go around!


To learn more or to set up a tasting, please click below to fill out a Wedding Cake Inquiry Form. We will get in touch with you shortly after receiving this information.  Prices are available upon request.